• KidsView Social Justice Conferences: Moteh and Daisy will share their reality of living in poverty. Catherine will inspire students to be grateful for their opportunities and to do what they can, with what they have, where they are.

  • BTPA purchases goods from communities in the Philippines. They are made from recycled items and they generate income for families year round - helping to break the cycle of poverty. They are sold in Australia and all profits support the children of BT.

  • Many of the children of BT have finished school, finished apprenticeships at BT's social enterprises and found employment. They have escaped the cycle of poverty thanks to the support of BTPA supporters in Australia.

  • BT works with children to ensure their rights are protected. This includes providing short and long term accommodation, operating a drop in centre and a mobile unit (ie. truck) which visits children on the streets.

  • BT works with children in need of special protection. This includes children who have been abused, exploited, abandoned, neglected, trafficked, prostituted or in conflict with the law.

  • BT works with to prevent abuse and exploitation, especially amongst those at greatest risk, and to work with children and young people who have survived abuse and exploitation.

To achieve our vision of a compassionate global community where every child's rights are respected, protected and fulfilled, we need financial donations to support BT. We require skilled volunteers to assist with developing our organisation. We also need volunteers to help with the general tasks of BTPA. Together we are making a huge difference! Sign Up
BTPA is a team of Australian volunteers. We exist to build a better world for children. We provide resources (financial, human and physical) to ensure Bahay Tuluyan (BT) in the Philippines can meet the needs of vulnerable children in their care. We also teach Australian students meaningfully about social justice by bringing former BT participants from the Philippines to share their story. BT is an international recognised recipient of a Stars Impact Award. Act Now
BTPA keeps costs to an absolute minimum, ensuring donations go to the children who need them. BT uses our donations to meet the essential needs - accommodation, food, water, education, clothing, etc. Donations are also used to promote self-sufficiency - including purchasing a rice farm and establishing a cafe and hotel. These social enterprises allow BT's young adults to complete apprenticeships and generate income for BT's programs. Read More


BTPA is committed to building a compassionate global community
where every child’s rights are respected, protected and fulfilled.

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