• KidsView Social Justice Conferences: Moteh and Daisy will share their reality of living in poverty. Catherine will inspire students to be grateful for their opportunities and to do what they can, with what they have, where they are.
  • Many of the children of BT have finished school, finished apprenticeships at BT's social enterprises and found employment. They have escaped the cycle of poverty thanks to the support of BTPA supporters in Australia.
  • BT works with children to ensure their rights are protected. This includes providing short and long term accommodation, operating a drop in centre and a mobile unit (ie. truck) which visits children on the streets. BT works with children in need of special protection.  This includes children who have been abused, exploited, abandoned, neglected, trafficked, prostituted or in conflict with the law.
  • BT has a strong focus on teaching employable skills and becoming sustainable. Thanks to BTPA's efforts, they have a rice farm, cafe and hotel to support these goals.


BTPA is committed to building a compassionate global community
where every child’s rights are respected, protected and fulfilled.

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