Bahay Tuluyan works with vulnerable children and our first responsibility is to ensure their best interests. We receive many requests from groups that would like to come and run short activities with our children. Although we really appreciate the good will behind such requests we are also very wary of the potential negative impacts of such activities for the children we work with including attachment anxiety, increasing dependency and risks of exploitation or abuse. Moreover, although fun for a day, short events like this don't significantly contribute to our strategic goals of sustainable change for children. Finally these events can also distract our staff and children from the core work that we are trying to achieve.

For these reasons we are accepting requests to interact with our children only in Experiential Learning Sessions - see Learn.

However we highly value and welcome help in the form of one of the following sponsorships:

As one of our monthly Birthday Celebration sponsors

We hold one birthday party per month in each center to celebrate the birthdays of all the children in that center. We are looking for sponsors for these events. Sponsors provide:

  • Food for 30 - 50 people
  • Gifts for the celebrants - if possible - to a maximum of P200
  • Entertainment

We can cater to a maximum group size of 10 - 15 persons. Birthday parties are normally held on the following dates each month:

  • Quezon - 1st Saturday
  • Laguna - 2nd Saturday
  • Manila - 3rd Saturday

Please contact us to find out if a particular date already has a sponsor.

As a Community Day Sponsor

Each month in Manila and every 2 months in Laguna & Quezon we host a Community Day for between 100 and 200 children. These days are organised and run by our youth. We are looking for sponsors to help us provide:

  • Snacks for up to 200 people
  • Volunteers to help run activities (up to 20 volunteers)

Community Days are normally held on the following dates each month:

  • Quezon - 3rd Saturday (Feb, Apr, Jun, Aug, Oct)
  • Laguna - 3rd Saturday (Jan, Mar, May, Jul, Sep, Nov)
  • Manila - 1st Saturday (every month except Dec)

Please contact us to find out if a particular date already has a sponsor.

In a Long Term Partnership

We are really looking for long term partnerships where we can work together over at least 12 months and work together to fulfill the strategic goals of Bahay Tuluyan and of our partner organisations. We are happy to talk with you about such an arrangement - please contact us to set a time.

As the sponsor of our Christmas party

We hold 2 Christmas parties each year for around 200 children at each. We need sponsors to help us provide:

  • Food for up to 200 people
  • Gifts or grocery bags for around 200 children

Food sponsor

Each week we provide 1400 meals for children and eat about 9 sacks of rice. If one of the options above doesn't suit you, how about donating a sack of rice?

We reserve the right to refuse a request to have contact with our children at any time and for any reason.

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