Bahay Tuluyan accepts local and foreign volunteers for a minimum commitment of 1 month full time or 3 months part time volunteering, depending on the needs of the organization.

If you're interested in volunteering with Bahay Tuluyan a good place to start is by reading the Volunteering FAQ below.

How long do volunteers normally stay?

Volunteers are welcome to stay for any length of time however we require a minimum stay of at least 4 weeks full time or 3 months part time. It normally takes volunteers a while to adjust to the climate, lifestyle and the organization, after which the most valuable volunteering often takes place.

Can Bahay Tuluyan provide accommodation for volunteers?

Accommodation for volunteers can be provided within Bahay Tuluyan's centers for a minimal donation to cover food & electricity. The accommodation is basic accommodation, which may be shared with other volunteers or staff. Showering is often done using a bucket and ladle.

What activities do volunteers normally do?

Volunteers assist Bahay Tuluyan in a number of ways, depending on their skills, interests, time and the needs of the organization. An important guideline for us in relation to accepting volunteers is that when you leave we want to miss you but not notice that you are gone. In other words, volunteers do not take on primary responsibility for running our programs. Instead, they provide assistance to enable our staff and local youth volunteers to be able to do their jobs better. This means that tasks may involve helping to develop new modules, running capacity building activities or assisting in special projects that need extra manpower.

Volunteers in the past have been involved in a range of activities including developing new teaching materials, creating business plans, gardening, painting, assisting with data-basing and providing training for staff. If you decide to volunteer with us, a staff member of the organization will work with you to create your work plan for the duration of your stay, depending on the factors noted above.

What do volunteers need to bring?

Some of the things that would be useful to bring are:

  • comfortable, casual clothes for working in (Please note that low tops, spaghetti straps, very short pants/skirts or tops revealing midriff are not appropriate. Body piercings, except ears, are not appropriate - please remove or cover. Tattoos should be concealed)
  • mosquito net - at your own preference, although also available locally
  • insect repellent, toiletries & bath towel
  • activities/tools/equipment that you anticipate that you might want to use as part of your volunteering experience - please feel free to check with us what is already available and what might be needed

Do you accept volunteers on an independent basis?

Bahay Tuluyan accepts volunteers through volunteer sending organizations and on an independent basis, depending on the needs of the organization and capacity for managing volunteers from time to time.

We also accept highly motivated interns completing placements of minimum 1 month full time.

Do you have a selection process for volunteers?

Yes, everyone who applies to become a volunteer at Bahay Tuluyan is screened carefully before being accepted. We reserve the right to refuse any prospective volunteer at any time.

How can I apply?

If you are interested in applying to volunteer, please complete our volunteer profile and submit it, along with a current CV and police clearance to info@bahaytuluyan.org.

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